Personal home desks have become more intimate; it’s a representation of one’s work where creativity can flow effortlessly. Known Desk makes a bold and unique statement with its simple shape and planes. Monochromatic minimalism and ethnic accents celebrate the primitive craftsmanship of caning, highlighting the inherent characteristics of natural materials such as maple and cane.

white maple, paper cane, patina brass.

L: 72'' W: 27'' H: 30''


Sombrero was born from the idea of suspending light in the air by a delineated fine black line. the black threads juxtapose against the boldness of a circle creating a new more subtle mechanism for suspension, making the line the focus for a harmonious combination of elements.

aluminum, 1/8 clear acrylic, leather

L: 15.5" W: 15.5'' H: 37"


My interpretation if Joaquim Tenreiro would be a ceramicist.

Collection of functional stoneware and jewelry, utilizing pinched and slab construction techniques.

B-mix clay


Inspired on the shape of greek doric columns, using high contrast neon red acrylic.

Powder 3d printed, laser cut acrylic

L: 6" W: 4'' H: 4.5"